PUCCI NEW YORK 2021 – Recollection

Patrick Naggar spent months as an artist-in-residence in the RALPH PUCCI (sculpting studio) and (factory) creating new work entirely conceived and fabricated in their proprietary Plasterglass. This body of work comprises his new exhibition “Recollection” debuting April 5th, 2021 in New York.

“This show ‘Recollection’ is a new endeavour, the experience of a sculptor, rather than creating something on a plan or having it executed by someone else. Coming up with a shape, making it with your hands and having it possibly change along the way because it is very physical. I think all of the pieces in this show are sculptures that complement the home environment.”

The 9 pieces of this collection are the Lotus Coffee Table, Artemis Console, Demeter Side Table, Demeter Dining Table, Aphrodite floor lamp and Hestia Sconce.

Video by Alex Hufschmid